This boy sold his ‘Kidney’ to buy an ‘Apple iphone’, now he is bedridden for life

If you remember in 2011, the iPhone 4 was the sought-after device on the market, and almost everyone surfed the internet to know more about the new device looks, specs, reviews and whatever related to it. After watching it, people were fully convinced to buy the device and some even sold gold ornaments just to buy this device.

Well, a boy from China named Xiao Wang who just turned 17 that year had an intense desire to buy the iPhone at any cost but unfortunately, his parents didn’t have enough money to afford him such an expensive phone.

Credits: Deccan Chronicle

Xiao Wanh took his iPhone craze to an extreme level as he made a secret deal with a black market organ seller to hand over a kidney and the guy would provide him with some serious money. Yes, no kidding! He sold his kidney only to get hold of the most-talked device at that time.

The internet users must have heard about the joke of selling a kidney to get an iPhone but Xiao Wang was serious enough. It may be noted that the iPhone 4 at the time cost $699, and Wang was offered $3,200 for his kidney (approximately Rs 2.23 lakh), more than enough to afford the phone that he always dream of buying.

As per the local reports, the operation was done at an underground hospital, and Wang was informed that he would be completely alright after a week of recovery. But what followed up next was an ordeal. The operation theatre wasn’t properly sanitized leading Wang to develop an infection in the remaining kidney soon after the procedure.

His parents realised what he had done when he became deathly ill and sadly, it was too late to save his remaining kidney. They did everything to make sure that their son is well and good. In fact, they shelled out everything they had to keep the dialysis in process.

Wang is 24 and is still now bed-ridden as he hooked up to the dialysis machine permanently. He did appeal and receive a settlement from the shady hospital, but unfortunately was never able to get another kidney.

Chaithanya G
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