Not chicken, Not mutton, Not Beef, but these people in Assam eat ‘Boiled Rats’ to survive

Are you wasting food cooked by your mom? Are you still not satisfied with delicacies prepared by mom? Then you must go through this story for once which would change your minds once and for all.

When you’re eating spicy hot foods at home, village people in Assam are eating boiled rats or sometimes even uncooked rats to beat the hunger. We are leaving it your imagination now as to how the people are surviving just by eating rat meat.

Credits: AFP

Yes, you read that right! Rats have become a main source of income for the poor including many tribals in Assam. A kilogram of rat meat is sold at about Rs 200. “We put traps in the fields as the rats eat people’s paddy,” Samba Soren, a rat vendor at Kumarikata, told AFP.

The rat traps are placed at the entrance of the rat-holes in the evening and later on, the rodents are caught as they come out to search for food.

We don’t know the value of food until we feel hungry. Not many people in today’s world get three meals a day. People are dying because they couldn’t fill their empty stomachs. In a bid to battle starvation, they eat something which is not good for health only to fill their stomachs for time being.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.