Shameful- Congress offers ₹1 crore compensation to the family of terrorists killed in Kashmir

In shocking news, senior Congress leader, Sagheer Saeed Khan has promised to reward ₹1 crore to the families of terrorists killed in Jammu & Kashmir. The party also gives jobs and freedom to those who have been captured by the Security forces.

Netizens were not really pleased with this decision as they took to Twitter to give their own views. Addressing the reporters at a press in Kashmir, Observer of Minority Department of AICC Haji Sagheer Saeed Khan blasted the BJP and then announced a compensation worth Rs 1 Crore to the ‘innocent’ terror suspects who have become the targets of ‘BJP’s outrage, adding that jailed terror suspects will also be released.

Credits: ABP Live


“Kashmir, that once was heaven, is now surrounded with dead bodies. The atrocities that BJP is committing against the people here are resulting in the deaths of several innocent people. If Congress comes to power here, then we will offer 1 Crore Rupees and a job to those suffering in the aftermath. And the innocent people who have been killed and those who are in jail under terror charges will all be freed as well. Everyone will be freed and peace will prevail here.”


While talking, he threatened BJP leaders who are held responsible behind the killings of innocent people in the state and went on to add that they will be hanged to death.

“BJP leaders who have carried out these killings here, no matter how much powerful the leader is, a new law will be formed and those BJP leaders will be hanged to death. These BJP party workers will be hanged to death.”

The security forces have neutralised over 230 terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir this year, according to a PTI report on December 8. Overall, 232 terrorists have been killed so far this year, while 240 terrorists, as well as foreigners, are active in the Kashmir Valley, according to an official.

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