Couple kill their baby girl by feeding ‘Poison’ because they did not want a second daughter

In a heartbreaking incident, Prakash Padave and Jayashree Padave killed their 2-month-old daughter by feeding a ‘poison’. What did the poor little soul do? Before seeing the world, her own parents sent her back to heaven. Shame on them! The couple in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur district already have a baby girl and they had another one of late. So, the couple killed their 2-month-old daughter.

Do you want to know the reason behind killing their own daughter? The couple did not want another girl child and so they took an extreme step to end the life of a little angel. The couple rushed the baby girl to a nearby private hospital but she passed away before the treatment started. Heartbreaking!

Credits: IndiaTimes

The hospital learnt that there is something suspicious over the death and then refused to hand over the girl’s body to the parents before postmortem. Later, in the medical report, it was disclosed that the girl breathed last life due to unnatural causes.

The cops received the medical reports after 2 months and then questioned the parents owing to suspicion. After hours of enquiry, the couple later confessed to mixing poison in the food to kill the 2-month old baby since they didn’t want one more baby girl in the family.

The accused parents were arrested by Shahuwadi Police and produced in the court. Shahuwadi-Malkapur court sent the couple to police custody until December 15.

It is indeed heartbreaking to come across such incidents even today. What is the need to kill their own child? Instead, they could have given the child to someone else who needs a baby legally. There are many unlucky people who don’t have children.

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