Video: Brave Cop Saves a Man from being crushed under a moving train

Life is unpredictable. In a world where accidents occur time and time again, it teaches us to be careful in outdoors. It takes little less than a second for those less unfortunate to draw their last breath at the time of an accident. If they are lucky enough to live, there are chances that someone might spring into action to rescue them with all might.

Similarly, one incident took place last week and the video of policeman rescuing a man from being crushed under a moving train has spread like wildfire on the internet.

An unknown man had one heck of a miraculous escape at the Egmore Station in Chennai when a railway constable came at the right place at the right time to save the passenger from falling off the platform.

The railway constable by the name of Suman was standing on the platform. Just when Shraddha Sethu Express was departing the platform, he noticed that a man was trying to board the train and while doing so, he accidentally slipped and fell between the train and the platform.

When Suman saw him, he immediately went up to him and dragged him and saved him from a further mishap. Thankfully, the man didn’t suffer any injury. “The man was carrying a small bag but he didn’t reveal anything about himself,” Suman later gave this statement to Times Of India.

Watch the video here:-

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