Man forgets his bag at shop, curious kid opens it and then it blasts, boy admitted to hospital

A shocking blast in a toy car, left by an anonymous in a motor repair workshop, badly injured a 14-year-old boy in Ujjain’s Barnagar on Wednesday. The recent blast triggered panic among the citizens. According to Times Of India, a bomb disposal team and the anti-terrorism squad arrived on the spot to get some clues.

The victim told police that he looked inside a bag that was dumped in the garage and discovered that it looked like a toy car. He held it in his hands and then decided to put batteries in it. The moment he put the the last battery, the ‘car’ exploded after which he was severely injured in the hands and legs as you can see in the picture below. His two fingers of his right hand are damaged as well.

Credits: Times Of India

Experts are not sure about the nature of the explosion and they are trying to find out the material, said Barnagar subdivisional police officer Sher Singh Bhuria. The blast happened around 11 am but the cops received information several hours later. An ATS team investigated the matter as bomb experts examined what was left of the ‘toy’.

The car workshop is located in Morwal Colony and the owner informed the police that he was out when the anonymous came in a car and left a bag with a toy car and some popcorn in it. His son discovered the bag and told him about it. “I told him that someone was sure to come around for it and went about my work,” he told police.

The toy car had battery points for three battery slots. He learnt that two batteries were already there in place. So the boy took a battery from the wall clock and tried to put it in the empty socket. It was when he placed the car on the ground and then it exploded, according to the SDOP.

The locals and the neighbours took the injured boy to the nearby hospital where he had undergone treatment. According to the police, the boy is now out of danger.

“We believe that the third battery completed the electrical circuit to trigger the blast. We’ll have to see what material was used,” said an officer. Investigators are seriously scanning CCTV footage of the locality and roads in a bid to identify the man who placed the bag in the workshop.

Originally published by Times Of India