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Untold story of MS Dhoni- who did his part behind the scenes, let’s praise him

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s simplicity and honesty have never been in doubt. The down-to-earth personality is a huge inspiration to all the cricket followers. Known for the knack of captaincy, wicketkeeping, batting traits, swift stumping, quick running between the wickets, last ball six, helicopter shots, ICC trophies and so on, his contribution towards Indian cricket is so good that it cannot be put it in words.

MS Dhoni is the only captain in the history of cricket to have won 3 ICC trophies – ICC World Cup 2007, ICC World Cup 2011 and ICC Champions Trophy 2013. Even after given up international captaincy on January 4, 2017, he still has extended his services as a wicketkeeper-batsman.

Credits: Stars Unfolded

He has always worked behind the scenes to offer some crunch tips to Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in the deciding phase of the game. Sometimes we just run short of adjectives to describe MSD in one word. He has done so much for India and is still extending his valuable contributions to the Indian cricket team.

The bat which MS Dhoni hit the winning shot for a six against Sri Lanka in the World Cup 2011 final was auctioned for a staggering price of Rs.72 lakhs. The aim was to raise funds for MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi’s charitable organisation, Sakshi Foundation’ that works for underprivileged children in India. The bat was purchased by RK Global, an investment group.

MS Dhoni has a great admiration for the Indian Army. He is an honorary rank-holder for time being. He himself once told that he would serve the Indian army once he retires from cricket. He donated 20 lakh rupees for the Indian Army soldiers who were badly injured in the line of duty. MS Dhoni’s charitable foundation received as many as 20000 pounds out of the 300,000 raised during the inaugural T20 fundraiser named ‘Cricket for Heroes’ held at The KIA Oval.

In the match, MS Dhoni hit the winning runs for his side Heroes XI against Rest of the World XI. Out of the 300,000 pounds raised during this match, the Help for Heroes Foundation has donated 20000 pounds towards Dhoni’s Charitable Foundation. MS Dhoni has also donated his wicketkeeping gloves and pads in a bid to raise funds for a liver cancer patient in Kolkata. He has been doing many things behind the scenes and doesn’t want to show off in public. That’s his speciality.

MS Dhoni – ‘Man of Simplicity’

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is an inspiration to countless people in the world. He has taken his simplicity to next level when he got a hair-cut from a local barber instead of going for a leading hair-stylist. He has also travelled on a local train from Jharkhand to Kolkata with his Jharkhand teammates to play a Vijay Hazare Trophy match at iconic Eden gardens.

MS Dhoni was seen taking a bathroom break at Poorna Patel’s wedding reception in Mumbai and for the first time ever, MSD had no answer to a question that was asked to him. The former Indian captain, who was sitting near the washbasin, was asked by his friend Rahul Vaidya “Why are you so cool even in a bathroom?” In reply to that, he said: “I don’t know.”

Being a great leader in his times, he always hands the trophy to his teammates and doesn’t steal the spotlight. When a girl in Ranchi chased MS Dhoni’s Hummer in her scooty till the airport, the down-to-earth cricketer stopped and allowed his fan girl to take a selfie.

During IPL match, CSK captain MS Dhoni was seen drinking water that read, “Bailey”. While some other players splash the cash to drink bottled water ‘Evina’ which costs 600 rupees per litre, MS Dhoni drinks water which costs just 12 rupees.

Written by Chaithanya G

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.

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