Jack Sparrow’s Character Was Inspired By Lord Krishna, reveals the screenplay writer

When we hear about Pirates of the Caribbean, it reminds us of the impressive character Captain Jack Sparrow. The fans just love the witty character because he makes acting look so easy. One of the screenwriters of the epic series opened up that Jack Sparrow character was inspired by the Hindu god Lord Krishna.

Ted Elliot shared in a statement, “Jack Sparrow’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most integral parts of the film.”

He said, “The characterisation of Sparrow is based on Lord Krishna who is a major deity in Hinduism. While writing the character sketch of Jack Sparrow, we referred to the description of Lord Krishna, various shades of the Almighty, which helped us a lot in making the whole character of Jack Sparrow into existence.”

There is a speciality in both characters that have never been in doubt. Jack Sparrow who defeats his opponents using his canny skills whereas Lord Krishna is well known to have trounced his enemies with his intelligence and bravery.

Another similarity is, Jack Sparrow’s addiction to alcohol is never a doubt, he always says ‘Where is the rum gone?’ and maybe this could be an inspiration from Lord Krishna’s interest with ‘makhan’.

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