Deadliest storm rips big city into pieces, people pray to God with no option left

We do really know what the future holds for us if we don’t minimise the effects of pollution levels. The world is not the same as before. It has turned from bad to worse. With humans dominating the world by taking advantage by meeting their needs and wants, restoring the system to its original phase looks beyond the bounds of possibility.

In recent news, a massive tornado ripped through Ottawa and Gatineau in Canada, which left everyone in shocks. The massive disaster destroyed around thousands of homes and thereby disrupting the normal life. People thought that they all would die. Thankfully, they survived. Environment Canada confirmed there were around 6 twisters arrived on Friday.

The devastating scenes of destruction started to fill social media on Friday evening. Few people caught the tornado from a distance and they did post their pics and videos of the natural disaster. Things are restoring slowly back to normal. Let’s pray that God gives enough strength to the people to face tough challenges.

Watch the video here:

Take a look at this one captured by one of the Twitter users:

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