Acid victim had no job, no money- Akshay Kumar quickly transfers money to her account

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar hits the headlines for all the right reasons. He has quite often been praised for his immense contributions to the society because he wants to be a ‘real hero’ and not a ‘reel hero’. In what was a heart-touching gesture, Akshay Kumar donated Rs.5 lakh to the acid attack survivor, identified as Laxmi Agarwal

The 30-year-old girl who is an acid-attack survivor and activist was extremely upset when she was having no jobs. At the same time, she was also facing financial problems that kept haunting her every second. But, now, all problems came to a close when she started receiving several job offers from reputed companies from Tuesday.

Credits: Catchnews

Thanks to Hindustan Times for bringing the issue in front of the world and mentioned about Laxmi’s struggles for finding jobs that she unemployed for a year now. People came to know about the incident while scrolling through the newsfeed and then Laxmi started getting job offers and at the same time, people provided financial support as well.

Among all support that she received from the people, her biggest surprise was Bollywood’s iconic actor Akshay Kumar. The moment he came to know about the girl’s condition, he has transferred the whopping amount into her bank account.

Akshay Kumar added that ‘my contribution is a very small gesture.’ ‘I wish people realise that when a person is in need of livelihood, medals, awards and certificates don’t pay the bills. It’s important to support through practical means,’ Kumar said.

Laxmi who is blissfully pleased with the amount of support she received in tough times literally has no words. She said she was touched by the massive support of the people. ‘I am overwhelmed and can’t express how I feel.’ She also added that ‘I and my daughter are not alone.’

Since Tuesday, Laxmi received more than 200 calls and several people on social media stepped forward to support her, said HT reports. Laxmi and her 3-year-old daughter are living in a two-room home in east Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar. She has been isolated from her live-in boyfriend and activist Alok Dixit, some years back.