Sikh Charity Reaches Flood-Hit Kerala, Serves Food to Hungry & Homeless People

When almost entire Kerala faced a terrible experience due to heavy downpour and the flash flood, the whole nation stepped forward and took prime responsibility to help the neighbouring state by supplying whatever things they needed in tough times.

However, the state saw real heroes emerge as saviours for the victims. The selfless people, who, without even caring for their own life, sprung into action to give a helping hand to the sufferers. Sikh Charity community hit the headlines for all the right reasons. They once again stole the spotlight for providing food to hungry and homeless people in Kerala.

Credits: India Times

The UK based Sikh Charity called Khalsa Aid is well known for their humanitarian work for refugees all over the world have now joined hands to support the less unfortunate Kerala flood victims.

Active Volunteers from the National Government Organisation have set up a community kitchen in Kochi in order to provide food to the sufferers. They are intensely working with Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Kochi.

Gurdwara Sahib members and Khalsa Aid volunteers are busy cooking and serving hot meals to those flood-hit victims. Also, Khalsa Aid has started an international fundraiser for the Kerala flood victims which you can find below.

Chaithanya G
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