Woman Finds Abandoned Baby Inside A Drain, Saves & Names Him ‘Freedom’

‘Cruelty beyond imagination’. It is always sad and heartbreaking to see parents abandoning their new-born baby child. There are many ways to bring up and nurture the child in the best possible way but instead, the parents abandoned it, in what was indeed a heartbreaking scene.

We don’t have any idea why the parents can do such a weird thing by throwing their own newborn child into the water drainage. What did this nameless pour little soul do? Thankfully, it was rescued by a good samaritan in Chennai.

Credits: Facebook

The Youth salutes Geetha for rescuing the baby boy at the right time. Geetha is a resident of Valasaravakkam. As per the reports from NDTV, Geeta’s milkman pinged her that sound was coming from a storm drain near her house. Initially, she thought that it could be a small animal or something and when she looked closely, she was stunned to see a newly born baby boy.

Seeing this Geetha, quickly bent down to take the child out of the drainage pipe. Neighbours were shocked to see an innocent newly born baby with the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck.

Geetha who was dejected by this immediately removed the umbilical cord from its neck, cleaned the baby and took the child to the nearby Egmore child hospital immediately. The baby was having some difficulty in breathing as well.

However, after a brief check-up, doctors declared the child to be alright. Hearing the good news, Geetha was blissfully pleased. Since she rescued the baby2nd Independence day, she named the child as “Suthanthiram” which is called “Freedom”

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