See the preference of news, IndiaTimes has shame on them

It was indeed an unpleasant experience for all the readers today after when the IndiaTimes posted a news something disturbing which is deemed contrary to the spirit of human values. We always would want the media to share some interesting news but in reality, it is totally a different story altogether.

IndiaTimes published an article on Independence Day that Pornhub is offering free one week access to its premium service which even left the readers stunned. The selection of the news is totally ‘baseless’. As soon as the post was shared via their official Facebook handle, it received instant reactions and comments as well. It was the same website that wrote about women’s safety human rights.

What a shameful post on such a sacred and significant day! Shame on you! Even the readers were questioning the media as to why did they post this irrelevant stuff to get attention. Nobody saw this coming from a reputed website called IndiaTimes. Let’s hope that they post something good in the days to come. It’s quite obvious that every reader would appreciate it.

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