Sardar Singh easily outclassed Team India Captain Virat Kohli in Yo-Yo test- full details inside

Former India hockey captain Sardar Singh was in the headlines for his extraordinary tale of fitness. Sardar Singh proved that he is the worth the weight in gold when he accumulated a flamboyant score of 21.4 points in the Yo-Yo fitness test, an incredible score which is rated higher than all the reported scores of the players of the Indian cricket team.

Why do we fail to appreciate our hero Sardar Singh? We all give more importance to cricket but not other sports. In fact, all the personalities represent India with pride. The veteran defensive mid-fielder Sardar Singh who is known for the knack of playing some good brand of hockey was recently called up for the upcoming Asian game to bolster the team’s attack.

Credits: Times Now

People were stunned after seeing Sardar Singh’s score which was comparatively higher than Indian cricketers. Even Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli was short of Sardar Singh’s test score. It is well known that Kohli is the fittest player as he keeps hitting the gyms more often than not but Sardar Singh still beat him by 2.4 points. Isn’t it a great achievement?

In case you don’t know what is yo-yo test

Yo-yo test is a parameter in which every athlete is supposed to go through a fitness test where each athlete’s fitness standards are determined. Only those who manage to pass the test are allowed to be a part of the team. Virat Kohli, who is deemed one of the best athletes in India has managed to score 19 points. 

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