Umar Khalid was not shot, it was a cooked-up story- read full incident inside

News of JNU student activist Umar Khalid had been cropped up in two different angles with initial reports claiming that an unidentified man opened fire at Umar Khalid outside Constitution Club of India this afternoon. The reports further added that Umar escaped unhurt while the unknown guy escaped the spot after dropping the gun.

The news of Umar Khalid was widespread all over the internet and the social media got instant reactions regarding the incident. Many even starting calling this as a ‘publicity stunt’. Coming to the news that had been cropped up quite recently claimed that Umar Khalid was not even there when the incident happened.


A video soon started to spread widely on the social media wherein a journalist with Dainik Bhaskar, Santosh Kumar opened up that there was an incident of firing outside the Constitution Club. He further added that Umar Khalid was not there at the spot when the incident took place.

Santosh Kumar explained that he was witness to an altercation between two persons near a tea stall near to the gate of the Constitution Club. The attacker had a gun in his hand and he forecefully pushed the other person on to the ground and was going to shoot at him, but was distracted by other persons at the right time due to which he escaped from the spot after firing a shot in the air.

Kumar also claimed that Umar Khalid was not there at the spot when this incident took place. He appeared from the Constitution Club building later.

This video was uploaded by Vikas Bhadauria, who is a journalist with ABP News. The video was retweeted over 4000 times. Founder of Postcard News Mahesh Vikram Hegde shared Santosh Kumar’s video and others too shared the video who are followed on Twitter by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The claim that Khalid was not present at the place of the incident has reached out to social media users.

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