First time in the world, a man survives after being struck by ‘lightning’

Miracles do happen in real life and here is one evidence which will make you understand how lucky this guy is after being struck by a lightning. We all know about what a lightning can do when it gets in contact with a human being or a tree; we’ll leave it to your imagination.
As you can see in the picture, at the back of his body, a tattoo-like scar can be clearly seen. But that’s not a fancy tattoo but the electric discharge that got formed due to lightning. Luckily, the man, called Winston Kemp survived it. Ironically, he is an electrician.


It is cognisance of the fact that a lightning contains 1 billion volts of electricity, which is easily 5 times hotter than the sun. Nevertheless, the odds of survival is just 1 in 3,00,000. When this massive amount of energy enters your body, things get a little more complicated.
The energy can short-circuit the small electric signals that run the lungs, heart and nervous system, which can lead to cardiac arrest, brain injury, spinal cord damage and amnesia. There is a clear-cut chance that the lightning can also damage your eyes.
The man narrates his experience. “I went outside to save my pumpkins. After that, I was going back inside. I just know it struck in our neighbour’s backyard, and it was bright and loud. I didn’t feel anything,” he was quoted as saying by
“I just came back inside like nothing was wrong. Umm…my arm was sore. [It was] maybe an hour before I saw the marks A few hours after it happened it really started to bother me. The next day it was bad. The blisters started forming; they were really big,” he added.