Golden Baba to donate 20kg gold, 21 luxury cars to his best desciples

We often praise someone saying he or she is worth the weight in gold not because of wearing gold but because of earning respect from us by doing something spectacular. Coming to the point, most people love gold ornaments and like to show off it in public.

But this godman took this trend to a whole new level by wearing 20 kg of gold. He has been the talk of the town and the centre of attraction in the ongoing annual Kanwar yatra of the Lord Shiv devotees in Haridwar.

Credits: ANI

Famously referred to as golden baba, Sudhir Makkar is taking part in his 25th Kanwar Yatra this year wearing 20 kg of gold worth Rs 6 crore at present market price. It is learnt that each year, he seems to be expanding this gold collection. Last year, he wore about 14.5 kilo of gold jewellery and in 2016 it was 12 kg.

The precious ornaments include a staggering collection of 21 gold chains, 21 lockets of deities, a gold jacket, rings on his fingers and a Rs 27 lakh Rolex watch. If reports are to be believed, the godman also owns a BMW to his name as well as 3 Fortuners, 2 Audi and 2 Innova vehicles which are part of his parade.

“My love for gold and cars will not die. I will hand over the gold to my favourite disciple when I leave the world,” Sudhir Makkar alias Golden Baba says.

“I am the centre of attraction. Wherever I go, people come to see me. Police has to provide security,” Golden Baba from Juna Akhara told news agency ANI.

“There was a time when I had only a few grams of gold, but with Shiva’s blessings, I now have gold in kilos,” he said.

“I have spent Rs 1.25 crore in this year’s kanwar yatra. There are 250-300 pilgrims with me and I arrange everyone’s food, ambulance, shelter,” he added.

The businessman-turned godman has been busy enjoying his time passing these states in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh with police security. It is also believed that before becoming a saint, he was running a cloth and property business from Gandhi Nagar market in the outskirts of New Delhi.

“Later, by the grace of Lord Shiva, my business flourished. I sold jeans, shirts and jackets; even my property business flourished,” he said. Also referred to as Shri Mahant Ji Golden Puri Babaji, Makkar’s disciples reckon he owns property worth over ₹150 crore.

(inputs from ANI)

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