99% people kill snakes but this guy belongs to 1% who saved an ‘injured snake’

It’s true to the fact that most people try to kill snakes as soon after seeing them. It’s because people feel that killing them is the only way to get rid of the poisonous creatures and considering the fact that children live in the area, parents take precautionary measures by killing and burning them at the first place.

But, have you seen a person trying to save a snake? Surely not! If you really have seen it, you are free to express your opinion in the comments section. Well, coming back to the topic, recently, a snake got trapped in the cable box and it experienced severe injuries.

The snake clearly had no idea what it was doing and by trusting its instincts, it entered the box through a hole in a bid to prey upon baby squirrels but little did it know that it got caught as it was unable to come out. It suffered deadly injuries to its body against a sharp metal in the box.

Seeing this, some volunteers sprung into action only to rescue the snake. A brave man climbed the ladder and tried to latch on the top part of a ladder to the cable box. In that way, the volunteers were able to bring the box down.

Then they opened the box by a tool and when they took the snake out of the box, it was already bleeding heavily. However, the snake was treated by the veterinary doctors.

Watch the video below:

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