Not Japan, Not China, Not USA but India builds World’s largest solar plant- proud moment

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. Solar Energy techniques came to light in 2006 and it is now slowly reaching out to all parts of the world. Since solar panels are a one-time investment with a guaranteed life of 25 years, ‘solar energy’ could make a huge difference in people’s lives in the times to come.

Talking about the virtual importance of solar technology in India, we have witnessed more of them in key places. Solar panels are installed in apartments, houses, offices, stadium, railway station and now it’s being implemented on trains as well. Thanks to the Indian government for taking the right step.

Credits: (EPS | Pushkar V)

The Indian government wants to harness the maximum use of solar energy as possible and so they built World’s largest solar park in Karnataka recently. The world’s largest solar park was established at a massive investment of Rs 16,500 crore at Pavagada in Karnataka’s Tumakuru district. It was launched by the state Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. The 2,000 MW park, identified as ‘Shakti Sthala’, extends across 13,000 acres, according to officials.

The park’s development is steered by the Karnataka Solar Power Development Corp. The Chief Minister said that the project has been executed within a record time of 2 years, with zero land acquisition.

In addition to that, the farmers who have leased out their land are gaining huge benefits with Rs 21,000 per acre being offered as a rental, an amount which has the possibility to increase by five per cent every two years and the beneficiaries of this project were 2,300 Pavagada farmers, CM added.

The CM highlighted that Karnataka shot into prominence as the third largest producer of renewable energy in the country and was making a steep bounce towards growing as an energy surplus state. “We have set the goal to the source at least 20 per cent of people’s power requirements from renewable projects,” he added.

Moreover, the park will soon create employment opportunities and will also act as an incentive for natives and farmers to get new opportunities of socio-economic growth in the region, state Energy Minister D K Shivakumar told in a statement.

“This ambitious project, spanning five villages, looks at farmers as the key partners, as also beneficiaries. Shakti Sthala is creating new job opportunities and economic growth leading to the prosperity of the people of Pavagada,” he said according to New Indian Express. The state saw an overall increase in capacity to 2,3379 MW as on January 2018, he said.

Global media is praising India for building this world’s largest solar park but the Indian media is in pin drop silence. Why is Indian media not showing positive news about the country? Many Australian and German news channels highlighted the news and praised India for utilising solar energy to good effect.

But the Indian media is busy promoting infamous things such as the ‘Sanju movie’ where the drug addict was depicted as hero in the movie. Kindly, keep on sharing this news until it reaches out to people all over India.

Chaithanya G
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