PM Modi comes up with an epic tweet after France won the World Cup

France shot into prominence for winning its second World Cup that came after a long gap of 20 years. It was a day to remember, relish and rejoice the moment for France player and it’s ardent fans who supported their team through and through. France won the competition by beating Croatia 4-2.

Croatia deserves some credits as well as they reached the finals for the first time in history. France won the competition but Croatia won our hearts by playing beautiful football throughout the tourney Well, both the teams gave absolutely everything to outsmart each other and in the end, the better team convincingly won the contest without any sort of tensions.

Credits: Twitter Moments

France fans must be pleased as punch with the way their players turned up in all the matches particularly after team’s let down in UEFA 2016 Euros against Portugal. Congratulations, France on becoming World Champions. Well deserved. Sports teaches so much to us and Croatia taught us perseverance and played with such heart and determination and should be very proud of themselves

PM Modi congratulates France on winning the World Cup:

“An excellent match! Congratulations to France for winning the @FIFAWorldCup. They played wonderfully through the tournament and during the #WorldCupFinal @EmmanuelMacron. I also congratulate Croatia for their spirited game. Their performance in the World Cup has been historic,” PM Modi took to his official Twitter handle to post this message.

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