WATCH: After FIFA World Cup heartbreak, Angry Brazil fans throw Eggs, Tomatoes at Team Bus

The ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018 has by far been an absolute peach of a mega event with a full of roller-coaster rides in every snippet of the footballing action. It is cognisance of the fact that football is an unpredictable game and even the best team can sometimes make it’s way back home if not played as a team.

Germany, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Portugal have already been knocked out and for the first time, all these big teams made it’s way back to home. The underdogs have been performing nicely and the teams who are in the semi-finals are France-Belgium, Croatia-England. The two best teams will battle it out for the World Cup on July 15.

Coming to the story, even before the tournament started, Brazil was deemed as the clear-cut favourites and even many predictions hinted the same. But on the ground level, it was a different story. There were too much hype and expectations about Brazil. Brazil holds a strong history as it is the one and only team to have won 5 World Cups.

Even the fans were confident that their players would turn up well this time around following their heartbreaking 7-1 defeat against the Germans in FIFA World Cup 2014. But this time too, it was a failure for them as Brazil were knocked out by Belgium 1-2 in the quarter-finals.

There is a saying that true fans stay behind the team even behind failures. On the contrary, not all fans are the same. Some vent out their frustration on social media whereas some take extreme steps by throwing eggs, vegetables or even stones at the team bus.

Just as when the Brazil team bus arrived home, they were given an unpleasant welcome as the fans outside threw eggs, tomatoes at team bus to show their frustration.

Watch the video below:

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