Surgical Strike Proof revealed: Watch yourself how Pakistan was punished

Almost two years after the belligerent Indian Army shocked Pakistan by the ‘surgical strike’, the evidence has finally been disclosed. The fierce attack happened on September 27, 2016, and at least 38 terrorists were neutralised in the surgical strike. The deadly strike was carried out by the Indian Army after our 19 soldiers were martyred in Pakistan’s attack.

The footage came to light after 636 days. Ever since the video was shared, it became viral all over the internet. The video depicting the second target clearly shows the strike materialising well far away from the Line of Control (LoC), and well into the Pakistan territory. The war crackdown took place at 6:13 am The video was captured through UAV and head-mounted cameras.

Credits: Zee News

The video in the UAV camera signifies the target who can be clearly seen getting severely destroyed. The other footage is caught through the head-mounted camera, which was put on by a soldier.

From that angle, the target gets blown up and justifies the fact that surgical strike was so dominant and powerful that even the cameras almost moves around its axis. The whole incident was captured from behind a tree.

In the video, the safe house can also be seen in the distance. In the crackdown, the house gets exploded completely in the second strike. The first target was aimed at around 6:15 am. Around 7 Pakistan terrorists could be seen in that footage.

Five terrorists were wearing a khaki uniform, one with a black attire, and the final one is in white kurta-pyjama. In the attack, five Pakistan terrorists could be seen getting murdered by the strike at around 4:37 am. In fact, there are two back to back attacks which clear out all the enemies.

Watch the video below!

Chaithanya G
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