Finally revealed how much Ministers spend on Food, know full details inside

There’s a reason why Prime Minister Modi is called the common man’s PM and a major credit of this goes to his ordinary lifestyle. He preaches and practices a simple lifestyle and one can see how evident that is by his diet.

He eats healthy and makes sure that he does Yoga every day that helps him work for a long duration and you would be surprised to know that his diet consists of just ordinary food.

Prime Minister Modi gets up at 7 am in the morning and starts his day with a light breakfast that usually consists of Dhokla or Poha. He spends about 20 minutes on his breakfast and strikes up his day thereafter.

Source: hindi magzian

For lunch also PM Modi prefers only roti and ‘sabzi’ and prefers to keep it light. His hectic schedule does not allow him to consume unhealthy food and his prefered diet helps him to stay on his toes throughout the day.

For dinner, Prime Minister Modi prefers roti, daal and dahi and the items don’t cost a lot either. A rough estimation suggests our PM does not spend more than 200 rupees a day on food, which is nowhere close to the rumours that the opposition parties spread about him spending thousands on his food.

In fact, if one compares his spending to other ministers, the vast difference will leave you astonished. It might interest you to know that Arvind Kejriwal’s government spent around one crore rupees on only tea and snacks during their three year tenure.

The figures clearly indicate who is the aam aadmi here. If you agree with our views, share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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