Yamaha launches electric bikes to protect the environment – Let’s share this

In an attempt to put a full stop to pollution and to protect the environment, Yamaha has launched the electric bike, TY-E, to replace the comventional bikes and other motorcyles. The e-bike’s design  punches a killer looks and it is certain to lure the customers.

The bike packs a high-rotation type compact high-power motor which comfortably steers the vehicle so well with low-speed torque and maximum acceleration. The bike is made from carbon fibre monocoque frame.

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People have already gone crazy over this electric bike. One of the test riders of the Yamaha’s electric bike was pleased as punch as he got the chance to ride the TY-E bike. Initial impressions indicated him that he would ride a classic electric bike but only after riding it, he experienced it’s maximum performance.

The electric bike has been improved to a whole new level that the test rider couldn’t find out the difference between an electric bike and engine bike. “The first time I had a chance to ride the TY-E, I thought it would be like riding a typical electric bike.

But, after experiencing its great performance I can say that electric vehicle technology has reached very high level that it is now difficult to tell the difference between an electric bike and engine bike.”

As far as the Motorcycle trial sport is concerned, all vehicles need to have lightweight. So, Yamaha primarily works much on weight reduction. The vehicle weighs less than 70 Kg. Yamaha will start competing with the TY-E in July onwards and it is expected to have record sales this time around. The power unit in TY-E is well furnished with a mechanical clutch that gives instantaneous power and control, electric motor and optimized flywheel.

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