Girl’s FB post shows how Doctors looted her 1.2 crore but didn’t save her mother

Doctors play an important role in the society. They care about patients and give them proper treatment in a bid to restore patients’ health back to normal. Even in critical condition, doctors give their heart out to save the lives and that’s why they are considered second to God in India.

With specialised doctors, nursing staff and medical equipment, they try their maximum best to save people’s lives. The enhancements in technology have benefited the doctors to treat more patients, which goes to show that technology has played a big part in the medical world.

Credits: Parul Bhasin Verma/ Facebook

On the dark side, not all doctors get the much-needed respect. History is a proof of the fact in the last couple of years this life-saving service was seen as business, an organization that runs on the basis of money alone.

Recently, a Facebook user Parul Bhasin Verma has shared a case that took millions across the country by a shock. At the start of this year, Parul’s mother fell under the weather due to an ammonia attack and was then later diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis.

In a bid to save her mother, Parul and her family spent 1.2 crores and are now under huge debt. In these four months, they shifted from one hospital to another and in the process, her mother passed away on May 07, 2018 owing to multiple organ failure. She was in the Intensive Care Unit for over 100 days and due to the severe negligence of doctors.

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