Strange man feels cold during Summers and Eats Ice during Winters

In summer season where every person finds ways to get rid of heat by sitting in AC rooms to seek for cool air, this man from Haryana is experiencing exactly the opposite. How is it so easy for a man to feel cold during summers and eat ice during winters? Sounds crazy isn’t it? Yes, it is.

The temperature in the state rose to 44 degrees but a man who is identified as Santram is now using blankets in this summer months to feel comfortable. He sweats during winters and he eats ice as well and that’s really shocking and strange. Some even believe that he is less than a human.

Credits: ANI

Santram’s condition maybe a strange one to many but the residents in his village Deroli, tell that he has been doing this since childhood as reported by ANI news agency. There is no reason why he has been so comfortable with it. Maybe, he got used to it from the word go.

During summer months, he lights fire and seeks solace through heat because of the fact that he feels intense cold. But that’s not the case for others as they sweat when they feel heat.

According to ANI, “Mahendragarh: Man, named Santram, says he feels cold during summers & hot during winters, adds that he uses blankets during hot summer months & eats ice in winters. Locals in his village Deroli say he has been doing this since childhood. #Haryana.”

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