Shocking! Restaurant owner killed on the spot, just because he…….

In shocking news, the restaurant shop owner in Kolkata was gunned down after he had demanded for the bill per plate of biriyani to the customers. This incident happened on Sunday evening in West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district. The scary scene took everyone by a shock and the customers who were present there escaped from the spot immediately after hearing the gun shot.

The Police who enquired about the incident said that the owner asked for Rs. 190 from four of his customers after which fierce fight struck the place. When things got little heated up, one of the customers shot the shop owner without second thoughts. However, he was rushed to the hospital with immediate effect but unfortunately, he was declared dead by the doctor.

Credits: Zee News

The dead person has been identified as Sanjay Mondal. Police confirmed the news that they have arrested Mohammad Firoz and are desperately searching for other accussed with the little clues given by the arrested person.

“The tussle started over a plate of Biryani and one of the customers shot Sanjay Mondal. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. An FIR was lodged and we have arrested accused Mohammad Firoz,” the police told IANS.

“As of now we think it is related to biryani only but our investigation is on,”they added. Mondal’s brother added, “Firoz shot my brother. There were four people: Raja, Firoz, Mogri and Salman. They are hooligans. We all are very scared and don’t know how to run our business peacefully.”

Chaithanya G
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