Meet Dr. Vijay who singlehandedly made India’s first Supercomputer when USA insulted Indian PM

Not many people make extraordinary things but those who push their thinking beyond human imagination surely do. Dr. Vijay P Bhatkar falls in the same bracket. You must have heard about supercomputers, which are easily the fastest and the most powerful than the general-purpose computers.

India wouldn’t have stumbled upon supercomputers if it were not for Dr.Vijay P Bhatkar’s supreme intelligence. Credits go to this computer scientist, who successfully steered the development of Param supercomputer, especially after when the US turned down to sell the supercomputers to India. He is widely recognised as the ‘Father of Indian Supercomputers’.

Dr.Vijay P Bhatkar is one of the most praised scientists and IT leaders of India. He is also an educationalist. Because of his intelligence, he was conferred a Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri and Maharashtra Bhushan awards respectively.

US stopped the export of a Cray supercomputer but Dr.Vijay P Bhatkar made the headlines:

The plan to bring supercomputer in India began in the late 1980s but little did they know that the US would stop exporting Cray supercomputer in 1987 because they never wanted to hand over this technology to India so that we could always be dependent on them.

When India faced issue with technology-rejection from US, the country set up Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in March 1988, where the computer scientist Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar was the founder Executive director of C-DAC.

In three years of constant learning curves, research and testing times, the extraordinary thing had happened in India. With everyone involved in the big process, sweated it out regularly pulled off a great deal under Dr.Vijay P. Bhatkar’s leadership.

C-DAC finally completed its work well ahead of the proposed schedule. C-DAC hogged the limelight as India’s first indigenous supercomputer PARAM 8000. Sincere thanks to Dr. Vijay P, Bhatkar and others who stunned the world with this supercomputer.

Supercomputers and it’s advantages:

Supercomputers are of great importance that they can save money, solve complex problems, complete bigger tasks in short time, forecast the weather and also can be used in Research and Development. Also, one can avoid huge risk in real life with the help of supercomputers. For example, simulations or tests that would be highly dangerous can be operated on a supercomputer instead. This is why supercomputer can assist to make the world a safe place.

Nuclear weapons must be tested well to ensure proper functioning. Without supercomputers, things get complicated as the testing process would have to involve exploding a nuclear bomb. The computers helps engineers to obtain the same results without having to detonate the actual explosion.

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