Woman madly beats her elderly mother-in-law in husband’s absence just because she..

Credits: TOI Screenshot

Day by day, we are stumbling upon bizarre incidents and videos. In what is deemed contrary to the spirit of human race, a woman was seen severely beating elderly mother-in-law over a meaningless mistake of plucking flowers from the garden without her permission.

The complete video was captured by a neighbour on his mobile. The poor victim who was treated badly was too old to go to the police station and even the neighbour didn’t file a complaint. The whole picture came to light when an official of Bansdroni police station named Sgt Subhra Chakraborty, happened to watch the video by chance that was made by the woman’s neighbour – on the social media platform.

Credits: TOI Screenshot

Within a few hours, the video had gone viral all over the internet as it had got total 5,03,000 plus views, 8,300 plus likes and 25,000 plus shares. Police sprung into action after when Chakraborty conveyed about the incident to his officer-in-charge. It was learnt that the video was uploaded from Rantu Sengupta’s facebook account. Rantu Sengupta did not reveal the place of incident of the crime, despite being laid-back by the police to keep his identity safe.

Police got the details of Sengupta from his Facebook account and quickly reached his house. After long hours of interrogation, he finally disclosed that he received the video from a doctor in Bholar Bazar area of Canning. When the police contacted the doctor, he said a medical representative of Kolkata sent him the video. “The incident happened at Panchanantala, Garia,” the doctor told cops.

Despite many attempts, police could not reach the medical representative. Finally, the cops reached Panchanantala area with the photos of the victim and the accused. Then they came to learn that the victim was spotted as Jashoda Paul (75), wife of late Santosh Paul of Boral Uttarpara.

The woman who severely beat her up was her daughter-in-law Swapna Paul(40), wife of Ranjit Paul. Police went on to add saying that Jashoda Paul is a patient of amnesia. Swapna Paul used to be in Jasoda’s house. It is learnt that the Jashoda’s grandsons, who were inside the house, were probably taking a nap when the incident took place.

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