Honest Railway staff return Rs. 4.8 lakhs found in train coach

n a good act, railway cleaning staff proved that he is a man of integrity. When he came across a bag containing money and ornaments worth Rs 4.8 lakhs inside a train coach, he didn’t do what everyone probably imagined he would. He set an example of honesty by returning the bag that was left behind by a passenger.

Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel of Secunderabad division got the bag from 12737 Kakinada port-Secunderabad Gautami Express. After having a closer look at the bag, he got some clarity on the bag which belonged to the additional general manager of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), JV Swamy.

Credits: Wikipedia

JV Swamy and his wife were travelling in B2 coach from Kakinada port. It was learnt that Swamy had reportedly kept the bag containing the valuable items under the berth. But, they forgot to pick the bag while getting down from the train at Secunderabad.

The bag contained gold jewellery worth Rs 3 lakhs, silver jewellery worth Rs 80,000 and 27 gift covers worth Rs 1 lakh. RPF team successfully traced the owner of the bag who happens to be a top-most ONGC Official. After getting the details from the bag, they handed it over to the owner JV Kumar.

G Ashok Kumar, SP, GRP, Secunderabad mentioned that all the credit goes to the bedroll and cleaning staff who spotted the bag and quickly informed the RPF. “On finding expensive ornaments and gift covers inside the bag, we started an enquiry immediately to trace its owner who happens to be a high-level ONGC official.

We handed over the bag to him. The credit for the recovery goes to the bedroll and cleaning staff who spotted the bag and informed RPF,”  G Ashok Kumar was quoted as saying by TOI.

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