Man proposes his Crush at Indore airport in filmy style, Flight crew helps him in his mission

Proposing to a girl is one of the memorable feelings in boy’s life. It takes some real might to do it. When you are entering your new stage in life, you would definitely want to do something special for your true love so much so that the bond becomes strong.

Every love starts with the initial impressions. If the early signs are good, then it is would easy for ones to go about their business. When there are many ways to impress a girl, winning a girl’s heart is very important. We have seen boys pulling off a spectacular proposal by trying it in different ways.

Credits: Youtube Screengrab/Twitter

One of the interesting stories that took everyone by a surprise was Indore-based Narendra Anandani’s love story. Narendra Anandani went down on one knee to propose to his lover in the aerobridge of the plane. The incident looked similar to that of a Bollywood movie.

Narendra Anandani arrived at Indore airport from Nagpur to see his lady love who was travelling to Goa. Interestingly, an announcement came through aircraft’s hi-fi stereo intercom which took all the passengers of Indore-Goa flight by a huge surprise.

The video of the incident surfaced all over the internet where airline staff can be seen holding placards on the aerobridge with a romantic caption that reads, “will you marry me?”. Surprised by the announcement, she (Anandani’s lover) slowly made her way to the intercom when he went down on one knee and posed a rose to her. To his proposal, she said ‘YES!’

The Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR), issued in 2010, reads that “the public address system and interphone system are tools for relaying safety information”.

Indore Airport Director Aryama Sanyal told ANI “The man had first proposed to his girlfriend on the aerobridge connected to the plane. Moments later, after obtaining permission from the airline staff, he used the internal announcement system.”

Indore Airport Director Aryama Sanyal, “If a person is proposing to someone at the aerobridge, then there is no need to take permission from the airport authorities. However, for using the internal announcement of the plane, the nod of the flight’s captain must have been taken,” she said.

Watch the video here:

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