India’s Stephen Hawking? This Wheelchair Wonder Boy Scored 94% in SSLC Exam

When you have a willingness to succeed, the will to do things the ability to move on and the perseverance to try even when there is a hindrance, you are destined to become successful in life. The story of KS Rahul is one that will inspire you so much so that you will share this meaningful story with others.

KS Rahul has been the talk of the town for earning an outstanding 94% in the recently-concluded SSLC examinations. Despite suffering from muscular dystrophy, a rare genetic disorder that leads to gradual weakening and breakdown of skeletal muscles, the 16-year-old unlocked a great achievement in his career.

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As per the reports from Times of India, he weighs only 20 kg and is 80% disabled. Hailing from Bangalore, he is a student of the Kairalee Nikethan English High School. Rahul who had all the qualities to thrive in the field of academics showcased his mettle in all the subjects. He secured 116/125 in English, 95/100 in Kannada, 92 in Hindi, 93 in Maths, 98 in Science and 98 in Social Science, as per TOI.

Rekha Venugopal who is the headmistress of the school told that Rahul gets along well with Physics. As a result of his condition, appearing for practicals would be a challenge for Rahul because he can’t draw but can only write in his right hand. The school management believes that Rahul will be able to pursue science. Rekha further added saying that the state government should come forward to help Rahul.

“Physics is his favourite subject. While practicals pose a significant challenge for him, we hope that Rahul will be able to pursue science. The state government should come forward to help him,” she told the publication.

Rahul’s father Kanakaraj who is a salesman by trait said that Rahul was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when he was 7-year-old. He went on to add saying that Rahul would often lose balance while walking and hence it was tough for him to walk. Since then, Rahul has been using a wheelchair. “He would lose balance while walking and fall, and by the age of 11, it was difficult for him to walk. He has been using a wheelchair since then,” said Kanakaraj R.

Rahul who is the eldest of three siblings dreams to become a computer science engineer. The Youth wishes Rahul success in his future endeavours.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.