Doctor Carries Bleeding Pregnant Lady on Cot for 10 km, let’s appreciate him

Doctors play an important role in the society. They care about patients and give them proper treatment in a bid to restore patients’ health back to normal. Even in critical condition, doctors give their heart out to save the lives and that’s why they are considered second to God in India.

Odisha doctor Dr. Omkar Hota certainly deserves a ton of credit for pushing himself beyond human imagination. It is because of his heroics, Subhama Marse gave birth to a baby. Things were not going too well with Subhama when she started to bleed heavily.

Credits: The Better India

As soon as the doctor Hota received information, he immediately sprung into action and carried the tribal woman on the cot and undertook a 10 km journey on foot. The doctor did exactly what the superhero would do as he rushed to the Public Health Centre (PHC) to admit the woman. It is not that easy to walk through the jungles shouldering the patient but the super doctor made it look so.

No doctor has spent more than a day to work at the Health Centre because of mosquitoes and militants concerns. Dr Hota learnt that only very few patients would come to the PHC. “When I came here, I found that very few patients would come to the hospital,” Dr Hota says.

Soon after the Odisha doctor joined at the medical centre, he undertook a journey to visit villages and to interact with people, telling them to come to the hospital if they are ill, as reported by Rediff.

According to Dr Hota, Subhama, is surely not the first patient he carried to the hospital. “There have been cases of poisoning in the jungle where the patient has to be rushed immediately to the hospital. Or take the cases of the old and elderly for that matter, it is simply not possible for them to walk through the jungles,” he told Outlook magazine.

Dr Hota’s spell as a medical practitioner in the Maoist hinterland has been so far so good throughout the year. He never paid much attention to personal discomfort. The selfless doctor had promised his mother that he would become a doctor of the top-most level and treat the needy.

At an event organised last year, the Odisha Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik, appreciated him for his selfless service. The award was introduced in the name of Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das, another person who is a symbol of sacrifice and selfless service.

Apart from that, at a recent event organised by UNICEF, Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan felicitated while speaking highly of Dr Hota’s work. She strongly believes that every mother needs a safe pair of hands while giving birth to her baby.