Million Dollar Pic: Traffic Police wins hearts on Twitter as he feeds the homeless lady

Traffic Police officers are one of the major reasons why people are free from danger while carrying on a road trip in India. They are people’s friend when the rules are being obeyed. It is not so easy to do this stressful job because traffic policemen stand under the scorching sun to help people follow the traffic rules. To be able to do the work even during holidays, weekends and under extreme weather conditions makes them a class apart.

Their main purpose is to ensure people’s safety and a free flow of traffic to prevent the number of road crashes and thus saving lives as well. Spending most of their time outdoors is something that traffic policemen are used to. Also, they have to be pretty much focused on their work as well because it demands longer concentration.

Credits: Twitter

Million Dollar pic touched every individual’s hearts!

Kukatpally traffic PS Home Guard B.Gopal from Hyderabad won the hearts of the people when he was seen feeding a homeless woman. This goes to show that humanity still exists on Earth. In a world where people are jealous, fighting and blaming for no reasons, this traffic cop has taught the people a very big lesson of humanity.

The million dollar picture went viral all over the internet circle. The twitter post shot into prominence on 1st April where many people showered their praises on the cop for his humanity.
The picture drew attention to the entire state as Harsha Bhargavi, chief public relations officer to Telangana DGP took to her Twitter handle to appreciate the cop’s good work.

“This gesture of Kukatpally traffic PS Home Guard B.Gopal (1275) towards a homeless woman by feeding her at JNTU shakes the heart.”

As per the reports by Telangana Today, the police home guard had seen the poor old woman sitting near a tea stall. He then enquired about her for a while and then he came to know that old lady’s sons had abandoned her. Knowing this, the cop rushed to the nearby canteen to bring a tea and food for the old lady.

“I offered her a cup of tea and then bought lunch for her. But she was unable to even eat with her own hands, so I fed her,” he told The Hindu.

The old lady was further shifted to an old age home for a safe and better living. Impressed by the home guard’s attitude, Telangana Home Minister Nayani Narasimha Reddy and Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar called Home Guard B Gopal to felicitate him for his selfless act.

The Youth salutes traffic policeman for his good act and this society needs more humanitarians like you!

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