Because Humans couldn’t rescue the puppy, He made a Robot and rescued it from Drainage

A superhero doesn’t necessarily have to be physically strong to save the lives. He can be super-minded too. Lucknow’s Milind Raj falls in the same bracket. When he was out for his usual walk in the morning last month, he came across a whispering of an animal. Milind Raj looked around to trace location from where the sound was coming.

Then he came to know that a puppy dog got trapped inside a filthy drain. No one was aware of this but only this man who traced the location. According to him, the dog had been there for two days. Mr Raj is more into the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

He says he empathises with the study of robots and makes them for a living. After seeing the puppy that has been stranded there for a long time, he returned to his laboratory to see how he could rescue the dog. So, he thought that an AI-controlled robotic arm attached to a giant drone can help the dog.

Photo: Milind Raj Youtube Channel

According to him, it was not possible for a human to rescue the puppy without risking their own life. This is why his improvised aerial vehicle came into play. “The drain was so filthy, it was like a bog. It was not possible for a human to rescue the puppy without endangering their own life, so I decided to put technology to the task. I decided to use the AI-controlled robotic arm because it has a smart heartbeat sensor. Attached to the drone, I knew it would be risky but may work,” Mr Raj told NDTV.

After having spent six hours to make a valuable drone, he quickly returned to the spot and sent the innovative aerial vehicle to do its job. He controlled the drone carefully from outside and was able to save the dog from danger. “The AI helped me monitor the animal’s heart rate, If the grip was too tight, the pup would suffocate,” he said.

A video depicts the dog in mid-air under the safe clutches of the robotic arm. With an improvised aerial drone, Mr Raj flies the puppy across the road, before releasing the grip of the robotic arm. “When it was on the ground, it vomited plastic including paan masala packets that people had carelessly tossed into the drain,” Mr Raj claimed.

The woman who was there at the spot shot the video when she saw the unusual scene of a puppy being lifted in the air by a drone.”I stopped when I saw the puppy in the air,” Indira Nagar resident Shubhra Kal told NDTV. “I started filming when I realised how strange the sight was.”

Mr Milind Raj who has a profound interest in AI has built a humanoid robot in his lab. His invention stole the spotlight at February’s Uttar Pradesh Investors’ Summit. The humanoid trilingual robot is programmed in such a way that it is well-versed in three languages such as Hindi, English and Sanskrit. In the event, the robot welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath among other guests.

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