An 82-year-old Rickshaw Puller sets up 9 schools through savings – let’s salute him

Human beings are born for a purpose. In a competitive world, some strive to excel in their lives and reap rewards for the substantial efforts put in by them whereas some earn reputation by doing good for his family and for the society. If any individual does a beneficial thing for the society, he is always respected by any means and that’s a fact.

Would you believe the story of an 82-year-old rickshaw-puller setting up 9 schools from personal savings? After getting to know about him, you will admire him a lot. His incredible real-life story is certain to cause goosebumps to everyone. Hailing from Karimganj district near the Bangladesh border, Ahmed Ali is a potential rickshaw puller for a long time.

Ahmed Ali (Photo Credit: Indiatimes)

He attained a drastic change in his career when he started to think out of the box. With an impeccable golden heart, he had come up with an initiative of building nine schools in Patharkandi’s Madhurband village through his savings. His dream turned into a reality as he had accomplished it successfully just like the way he wanted to.

Much to his grit and determination to set up 9 nine schools, he was featured in the 42nd edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’. As per the inputs from Indiatimes, PM Modi got inspired by the ‘Citizen Hero’ rickshaw-pullers life story. “When I got to read in your letters how a rickshaw-puller from Karimganj in Assam, Ahmed Ali, has built nine schools for underprivileged children, it gave me a glimpse into the nation’s willpower,” the PM said, reports the news website.

Ahmed Ali is a school dropout but still, he offered prayers to god and achieved a great deal of success by the blessings from locals. “I began my work by the wish of Allah and achieved some success by means of blessings from locals,” said Ali to TOI.

It is learnt that Ahmed Ali has set up a lower primary school initially after selling a small plot of land that he owned in 1978 and also with the help of money he had collected from other villagers. Slow and steady, fortunes started to bloom in Ali’s way as he has finally established nine schools in Madhurband comprising three lower primary schools, five upper primary schools and one high school.

Ali who has already done a wonderful job said that he still dreams to set up at least 10 schools in his locality. In addition to that, he is desperate to set up a junior college without any delay so that no student from a poor family has to drop out of the school after qualifying Class 10.

“I have a dream to establish at least 10 schools in my locality. I want to now set up a junior college without delay so that no student from a poor family has to abandon studies after passing out of Class 10,” Ali told the paper.

Having dropped out of school due to poverty, Ali knows all the pain that he has gone through. He knows what is it like to be dropped out of school. He said that he don’t want to see such thing happening to students from poor families.

“I had dropped out of school owing to poverty. It pained me. I don’t want to see dropouts from poor families anymore. It is a sin for anybody to not be educated. I feel joy when I see that boys and girls from the village have been attending school,” he added.

Good people bring light to the society and Ali set a perfect example. “We are proud of Ali and his dream and drive for education, which garnered the attention of the Prime Minister,” said Krishnendu Paul, the Patharkandi MLA, according to the paper.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.