Paradise for foodies: A Heavenly Restaurant in Kerala serves meals for free

Isn’t it a great feeling of tasting some delicious and variety of foods to satisfy the taste buds just to make yourself comfortable for time being forgetting all tensions while eating? Foodies come into play when it comes to trying out their favourite dishes as they possess a sharp distinctive feeling for taste.

It is a kind of feeling for foodies that is difficult to put it in words as they love to have a crunch in every bite that they take. We all have friends who are known for the knack of experimenting the food not just at home but also in restaurants as well. Especially during holidays, we could see people trying out food in restaurants to relish the taste of a complete meal.

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Have you ever heard of a restaurant serving meals for free? It’s surprising isn’t it? Yes it is. Who would provide meals for free in contemporary world? The sought-after restaurant in Kerala came up with a catchy phrase saying ‘Eat for Free’ and that goes to show that this can be one heck of a paradise for foodies.

Welcome to The People’s Restaurant:

Popularly known as ‘The People’s restaurant’, it was launched on March 3, 2018 at Pathirapally in Kerala’s Alappuzha district, Janakeeya Bhakshanasala. The restaurant now serves three meals a day, completely free of charge in what is the best ever approach you will ever come across.

It is cognisance of the fact that the customers will not be charged for a meal but they are free to chip in with funds to raise the collection in a bid to contribute to the donation box so that the future meals can be made available for those in need.

The fact that they have a well-established organic farm on a 2.5 acre plot outside the restaurant means vegetables can be obtained and sent to the restaurant. Any customer is free to enter into the farm to buy, produce and thus formulaic strategy helps the restaurant generate additional incomes to run the restaurant.

Located near the Alappuzha-Cherthala National Highway – Pathirapally, the Kerala restaurant has a fine atmosphere inside as it is well equipped with a modern steam kitchen that can able to serve people for up to 2,000 people. The two-floor restaurant also has a waste management plant and a water treatment plant.

The People’s Restaurant has been organised by Snehajalakam, a pain and palliative care unit associated with the Communist Party of India (Marxist). “If you are hungry, you can come and eat here. There won’t be a cashier at the counter to settle your bill. Your conscience is the cashier.

You can drop whatever amount you want to, kept at the box on the counter. Those who cannot afford to give anything can leave content, after a full meal,” said Thomas Isaac, Kerala finance minister in a Facebook post.

Isn’t it the best possible way of preventing the people dieing from hunger time and time again? Restaurants like these should be built in many other states in India so as to bring a change in the country. What’s your say on the People’s restaurant? Tell us your valuable thoughts! Raise your hands if you need this restaurant to be built in all states.

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