Vijay lost his son because Taxi Drivers said ‘No’. But, now he gives free rides for needy people

Vijay Thakur encountered the darkest phase of his career which nobody else in this world would want to hear or read this. But once you come to know what he did after the unforgettable incident in his personal life, you will stand up and salute him for what he has done.

Vijay Thakur who plied his trade as Mechanical Engineer, lost his first child because he did not get the taxi driver to get to the local hospital on time. He then called it quits from the job and became the Taxi Driver who would be of great assistance to the needy people.

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What’s the story?

Hailing from Mumbai, Vijay Thakur ran through one of the infamous and unforgettable memories. Vijay Thakur’s career sparked off with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and he got the job related to his field of interest at Larsen and Toubro in Mumbai in 1982. Having placed in a good company, he was offered a staggering package.

Once he tied the knot with his wife Saroj, life became even better for him. Soon, they were expecting their first child too. One night in March 1982, when Vijay’s wife was just 3 months pregnant, she experienced an immense pain in her abdomen. Vijay who saw this immediately rushed out to look for a cab to take his wife to the nearby local hospital.

It was around 2 am and no taxi was ready to stop for him. He kept waving constantly showing the seriousness of his wife but unfortunately, he did not get a taxi. With no one to help him, he decided to run all by himself to Andheri Station and brought the taxi back home by paying Rs. 300.

In those days, paying 300 rupees is equal to 10 times the sum of money now. Somehow, he did all attempts to take Saroj to Nanavati hospital. But, unfortunately, by the time they reached the hospital, Saroj had a miscarriage. In what was a painful day for Vijay and Saroj, they lost their first child just because no taxi driver was willing to do his job when called upon. Vijay Thakur took one step ahead and decided to become a Taxi Driver so that no one else would experience the same as he and his wife did.

“I was earning quite well then and so I could afford to at least pay double and get a taxi. But I started thinking about those people who cannot even afford to hire an autorickshaw,” said Vijay according to the quotes from the Better India.

“I don’t sleep between 2 am and 4 am because that is the time an emergency patient may need a taxi,” said Vijay who made it quite clear he will be available in the mentioned time.

“Once, I had to pay a bill for Rs. 43,000 for my son’s treatment. I was short by Rs. 10 and the cashier refused to accept my money. A stranger offered me the balance and only then did the cashier take the money and issue a receipt. This incident strengthened my resolve to help people in need,” says Vijay.

“I don’t do this for money or publicity. I don’t remember the people who I have helped once they are fine,” says Vijay.

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