Sara Tendulkar- the daughter of Sachin Tendulkar is in love with…

Who is Sachin Tendulkar? the most celebrated cricketer, a legend in the cricket circuit who is often referred to as God of cricket. His popularity does not only keep him in the limelight but also his family members find it hard to escape the media glamour.

Needless to say, media keeps an eye on Teldulkar and his family and every small development becomes national news coverage. Sara Tendulkar- the daughter of Sachin Tendulakar- is about to turn 20 very soon. This is the age when most of youngsters fall in love with some strangers or known ones.

Sarah Tendulkar has reportedly got her first love. As per social media claims, she is in relationship with Anant Ambani.

Both Sara and Anant are said to be caught dating each other at several places. So far the news has been only discussed in the digital media on the basis of the claim that they were caught dating.However, None of them has come out to confirm their relationship yet.

Anant Ambani is a son of India’s richest busyness tycoon Mukesh Ambani (and mother Nita Ambani). Anant Ambani drew attention of the media with his over-weight body. But he inspired many youths who are suffering from the very problem. Anant Ambani lost almost 108kilos in just 18 months without any artificial treatment.

(Disclaimer: The mainstream media has not reported this news yet. The Source of our information is some fairly popular websites. The Youth does not verify the authenticity of the information given above)