A heart touching story of police DIG who has crushed crimes in Indore, without fears of politics

His father was a teacher and mother a house wife, this son was born into a financially moderate family in a small village of Siwan district (Bihar). Nobody thought that this child would become the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Indore region which is one of the fastest growing cities in India.

Shri Harinarayanachari Mishra- TheYouth photo library

In today’s article, we will be talking about  Harinarayanachari Mishra, once a village boy, who is now an inspiration for entire Siwan district. Thousands of parents are inspiring their children to become like Harinarayanchari.

As a journalist, when I met him in his office, I was extremely happy to see the surroundings. His office was filled with lots of ordinary  people with anxious faces which had some hope that this man would ultimately help them. After sometime I came to know that he solves over 100-150 matters himself every day. So if the police are not working honestly, people directly approach him and complain about the inactiveness of the cops.

He launched many campaigns against city goons and nabbed them without any fear from politics. Over 150 goons, who were never arrested because they had political contacts, DIG Mishra took stringent action against them. He kicked them out of the city and took other measures to crush crimes and ensure a positive environment in the city. Amid all this, he also makes sure that police don’t misuse force on ordinary people so police in Indore are getting trained on how to treat good citizens. Recently, a town inspector was punished because he beat an elderly man for no reason.

Under his leadership, the local police prevented 6-7 murders and arrested the culprits before they could execute their plans to kill innocents. In addition, the police have solved the mystery of 108 robbery cases in around 7 months- which is a record itself..

When TheYouth team asked what steps are being taken to ensure safety of people in digital world. He told us that Indore recently became country’s first and only city to start Cyber Help Line so as to prevent Cyber Crimes.

People love him because he takes action without any delay and tries to give 100% result on the spot.

“The biggest success or achievement is when you give relief to someone who has been a victim and looking for your help. If you manage to bring a smile on his/her face, there is no bigger success than this” He said

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Mrityunjay Chaubey is the editor in chief at The Youth. He hails from Indore. Before The Youth, He worked for Indian Defence News as a columnist and was a reporter at two other sports portals.