Acid attack survivor finally gets married, Bollywood star comes as the chief guest

“Did not know a wrong number would change my life,” said a happy Rahul Kumar and praised the inner beauty of his wife, an acid attack survivor, Lalita Benbansi.

26-six-year-old Lalita hails from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. Fate turned against Lalita in 2012 when her cousins threw acid on her face over a family issue. Because her face was completely burnt, Lshe underwent 17 surgeries. Her treatment will now discontinue post her marriage.

Lalita, Rahul and their love are no less than a filmy story. It happened with a wrong number when the latter dialed the former’s number by fault. The flower of love blossomed between them and just after a few months, they made up their minds to get married.

Her husband Rahul works as a CCTV operator in Malad. “I am feeling very happy. I had never thought that I would ever get married. He, even after knowing about the truth, still remained on his decision to marry me,” said an elated Lalita.

Rahul could not help praising Lalita’s inner beauty, said her heart is pure like gold and that is what matters to him the most. He needs nothing more than this. “It had always been my dream to do something different. I knew I would do something good. My mother supported me and my entire family. Didn’t know a wrong number would change my life entirely,” he said.

Bollywood actor takes everyone by surprise by attending the wedding as the chief guest. People sitting there could not believe their eyes to see the superstar in front of them. Vivek actually wanted to convey a message that acid victims are not alone, but everyone is by their side.

He again stunned everyone when donated a luxurious house to the newly wedded couple. He wants the couple to spend their life happily.