Obama listened Modi’s speech sitting in crowd on Monday


As per reports, Mr. Modi was in the United States on Sunday and Monday. The president, Mr. Trump, has arranged a gala welcome for him.

We have got a picture of Barack Obama, the previous President of US, which is now viral on social media.

It is being said about the picture that Obama heard PM Modi’s speech sitting in the crowd on Monday. During this time his wife Michel was with him. If this picture is true, Obama should get a salute for his simplicity. At the same time, during the joint statement of the White House in between Narendra Modi and Donald Trump, Trump called Narendra Modi as the world champion leader. Trump said that he is highly respected by meeting Modi.

After this, without mentioning Pakistan in the statement anywhere Modi further stated that it is our priority to eliminate terrorism and safe places to hide for terrorists. Modi invited Ms. Ivanka Trump to visit India, which she has accepted

Modi also asked Trump to come to India with family. During the joint statement Modi and Trump hugged twice each other. Earlier, Donald Trump and Millenia Trump welcomed Modi at the White House and there was a delegation level meeting between the two leaders. We can say that this is the first meeting of Modi with Donald Trump.

  1. The relations between India and America have never been so good.

– Trump said, “The relations between India and America have never been so good, India is the fastest growing economy in the world, I hope we will be able to match you soon.”


  1. eliminate terrorism

“Secure partnership between India and the US is very important, both countries have been harmed by the monster of terrorism and we are both committed to eliminate terrorist organizations, radical thinking, we will eliminate radical Islamic terrorism.”


  1. Trump thanked Modi to visit US

– Thank you, PM Modi, thank you for being here with us. We have great respect for our country and your people. During my campaign, I said that India would be the true friend of America. I have always had a deep respect for India and Indians in my mind. Have respect for your culture and tradition.


  1. Modi and I are the world leaders of social media

– I am honored to welcome a leader like Modi from the world’s largest democracy. Both Modi and I are world leaders in social media. I said during my campaign that India will prove to be a true friend of America and that which has happened. “He said that Modi is more popular than me in America.


  1. Modi invited my daughter to come to India

Modi has invited my daughter, Ivanka, to come to India with American delegation, which I think she has accepted. ”


  1. This visit is an important page in the history of both countries.

– “These visits and conversations will prove to be an important part of the history of both the countries.” The conversation between me and the President has been very important in every way, because it was based on belief, based on our values, priorities, concerns and similarities in interests. It is focused on the achievement of cross border cooperation and partnership between India and the US.


  1. Global engine of India and America Growth

– “We are both global Edge of growth. Both countries and Trump all-round economic development and common progress of societies and my main goal and will continue to be.”


  1. Protecting our societies from terrorism Top Priority

– “Protecting our societies from global challenges like terrorism is our top priority.


  1. US enhances India’s defense capability

– “We also discussed the issue of security challenges, we appreciate the empowerment of India’s Defense Capability by the United States, we have decided to increase Maritime Security Cooperation between us in every way, Defense Technology, Trade between the two countries and the strengthening of manufacturing will be beneficial for both countries.



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