British Boys are wearing Girls’ dress just because they….

Boys fed up with their school’s ‘no shorts’ policy decided to beat the heat in another way – by wearing skirts.

Pupils at the Isca academy in Exeter argued it was too hot for long trousers and asked if they could wear shorts as temperatures this week rose above 30 degree Celsius.

Picture Source: The Sun

After complaining about the heat, one of the boys hilariously asked  the school’s head teacher that he could wear a skirt if the school permitted. The mischievous teens turned up the next day at SCA Academy in Exeter,  wearing the school’s official skirt.

One boy in year nine wearing a skirt said that  the protest had started with five boys wearing skirts but he had expected “hundreds” to join them in this protest. When he had been asked if he was enjoying the experience, he said the he appreciated the “nice breeze”.

One mother said that her 14-year-old son wanted to wear shorts. So, the headteacher had told them that they could wear a skirt if they like. But the mother thought that she was being sarcastic. One 14-year-old pupil’s mum told that a boy did get in trouble, but only because his skirt was too short.

And it was followed by a bigger protest today, with a group of lads again turning up for lessons wearing skirts.One lad claimed “hundreds” of boys were wearing skirts today in protest. Another said he had been told to remove his skirt yesterday because he had “hairy legs”, before shaving them in protest.

This is quite a bizarre world we’re living and almost everyday we are coming up with some 100s of stories like this. But no matter what people say, we must appreciate the audacity of these lads to do something like this.