left his schoolat 18, worked at a radio shop, Today he is owner of Quick Heal

Kailash Katkar, a person who founded an IT Security Solutions Company worth of Rs 200 crores and above. We all are aware of the brand name very well, yes you guessed it right- Quick Heal Technologies.

A 22 years old company, which is known as an Anti- Virus solution brand is based in India and founded by an Indian. Quick Heal masters in cloud- based security and solutions for advanced machine learning to stop threats, internet attacks and malicious elements before it hits the system.

Source: Outofline Magazine

Kailash Katkar was born on November 1,1966 in a small village Rahimatpur, an Indian state of Maharashtra. His father was a machine setter in Philips in Pune, where Kailash grew up and completed his studies. He studied in Children’s Academy High School, Shivajinagar, Pune. He supported his family financially in 1985 with a job at a local radio and calculator repair shop, where he was earning Rs. 400 per month only. With his hard work, shop owner sent him to Mumbai for 2 months training and he learnt to repair almost all ranges of electrical and electronics items. For his amazing skills, he learnt in Mumbai, shop owner provided him increment in salary to Rs. 1500 per month. Kailash used to learn something new everytime and gained enormous knowledge of the business, also he used to settle accounts for the shop where he became proficient.

24 years old Kailash stepped one step ahead as an entrepreneur in 1990. He decided to start his own business of repairing calculators with his personal savings of Rs. 15000, for which he rented a small space of 100 sq. ft. in Pune and in first year he turned the earnings to Rs. 45000. He was not happy enough with the progress. So without hampering his work, he started taking evening classes for leaning computers and started his new venture CAT computer Services in 1993. He got his first deal after few months of establishing CAT computer services for Rs. 2000 annually.  This was where the success story started. Quick Heal came into the picture when his brother was studying MSc. (Masters of Computers) begun writing for software programs and developed a basic model of antivirus software for CAT computer services, named- Quick Heal.

Wide variety like Quick Heal Total Security, Quick Heal Internet Security, Quick Heal PCTuner 3.0 for home users, Quick Heal Mobile Security, Quick Heal Total Security for Android, Fonetastic Pro, Quick Heal Gadget Securance, Fonetatsic Free, etc., are available from Quick Heal Company.

Kailash Kitkar received “Entrepreneurs International Honors”, which he really deserves!



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