10 unbelievable facts about “The Disco Dancer” Mithun Chakroborty

Mithun Chakraborty’s rise in the film industry is one of the most inspiring stories you’ll ever listen in your life. One of the most enigmatic and exuberant artists Bollywood has ever seen, Mithun da made his mark in the film industry with some unforgettable films like The Disco Dancer, Suraksha, Saahas, Vardaat and many more.

Picture Source: Zee News

Mithun Da turns 67 today and here are some lesser known facts about the man himself, whose been a part of the industry for over 4 decades now.

1) Entrepreneur par excellence! 

Mithun Da has been phenomenal with his films over the years and he’s been equally brilliant with his rise as an Entrepreneur as well. He is one of the highest tax payers right now in the country, which indeed is a significant fact.

2) Peculiar relationship with Sridevi

Sridevi and Mithun secretly married each other was one of the most sensational rumors of the 80s as they both were two of the biggest stars of the generation. Despite of being married to Yogita Bali, it is said that Mithun Da’s love for Sridevi hasn’t diminished by any bit.

3) A pet lover! 

Mithun Da has around 38 pets in his home and is a very keen supporter of animal protection organisations. His pets mostly include dogs and birds and he often keeps calling dogs as his own kids.

4) The Comic star! 

Jimmy Zhingchak comic starred Mithun Da in the lead character and this was his only appearance in a comic. Jimmy was the character name of Mithun Da in his all time hit “The Disco Dancer”.

5) A Naxalite turned actor

Mithun Da was a Naxalite in his initial youth days but tragedy struck his family when his only brother was electrocuted and killed in a freak accident. Post that, he had to leave the naxalite fold to take up the responsibility of his family.

6) Helen’s assistant

To make notable inroads into the industry ain’t as easy as people say and there are a lot things that people do before fame strikes. Mithun Da had to work for a long time as an assistant for popular actor Helen. That’s how he managed to grab an opportunity to play a cameo in Amitabh Bachchan starrer “Do Anjaane”, where he appeared for a couple of minutes.

7) 19 films released in an year! 

Yes you heard it right! Mithun Da holds this unique and unbreakable record of releasing 19 films in one year, back in 1989. Mithun Da approximately worked in over 350 films during a glorious 4 decade career.

8) An MP in Rajya Sabha

Mithun Da is a member of parliament in Rajya Sabha and he’s been a part of it for 2 years from April 2014 to December 2016, post that he resigned.

9) A Wrestler too! 

This man is a multi tasker and barely few would be surprised that he’s a wrestler, having seen his acrobatics and fitness in many of his films. Mithun Da is a trained wrestler and has won West Bengal State Wrestling Championship in Junior Category.

10) Born in Bangladesh

Mithun Chakraborty was born in the Barisal district of Bangladesh, which was then a part of East Pakistan. Post the separation, their family moved on to Kolkata, West Bengal.

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