Indian Doctor throws party when a baby girl is born in his hospital

In 21st century, where we have people praying for the birth of a male child and celebrating it like a festival, we have people like Dr. Mahadev Lohana also in our country who has set a lead for not only Doctors but every social individual.


Mahadev Lohana, a well- known personality of Ahmedabad, a professional Doctor and Managing Director of Sindhu Hospital in Ahmedabad has brought a change in society with his 17 years of work experience, which was not acceptable to many, initially.

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He has been associated with many big hospitals of Ahmedabad, also was a part of management in all hospitals where he played a key role in taking important decisions. He has joined Sindhu Hospital 6 years back and decided to bring this enormous change for society. He noticed how the birth of a male child is celebrated widely and exuberantly, whereas a quite affair with the parents and relatives is noticed while a girl child born.

He decided to take few steps to bring a change in society and change psychology towards a girl child, as he truly believes “Girls are far better and important than boys”. He urged people to help him in changing the mindsets of society towards a girl child. Under a scheme he introduced in hospital, they provide free of charge delivery in case a girl is born, which is an amazing initiative. He stated in his one of the Facebook posts that, throughout his journey as a doctor he always had one thing in his mind which was about the skewed child sex ratio in Ahmedabad, that is 890 girls per 1000 boys and he always wanted to do something to increase the girl ratio. He further added that, throughout his career as a doctor in Ahmedabad, he has seen women who got admitted in hospital always hoped for a boy but not a girl, where they regret a lot on the arrival of a girl child which always made him upset.


He decided not to charge anything from the parents if a girl child is born, where the registration charges of Rs 1100 are refundable in case of the birth of girl child, immediately after delivery. Usually normal delivery costs Rs 7000 and C- section delivery costs Rs 20000, which has been waived off by the hospital wherein parents are blessed with a baby girl, not only this, they order 5 KGS cake and invite relatives of the proud parents personally, arrange snacks for everyone and celebrate the birth of a girl child.

Doesn’t it sound so perky ?

I am feeling so proud to say that people like Dr. Mahadev Lohana , are creating a new India for girls and is truly an inspiration. Hats off to the true persona!!

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