Story of Mr Ajeet Singh, who saved over 1000 girls from sex traffickers

The sex traffickers over the years have been smartly destroying the lives of some many innocent girl children by selling them to other countries without their consent. This has been one of the biggest problems in our country for a long time and its fair to say we have done some progress, but that won’t be sufficient.

Well, people keep saying individuals can’t have a significant impact on the society and if you really think so, think again! Meet this person by the name Ajeet Singh of Varanasi, who alone has managed to put around 1,400 traffickers behind the bucks.

Picture Source: India Times

One day Ajeet Singh found a nautch girl dancing at a wedding and the way people were looking at that girl really disturbed Ajeet Singh. After she had completed her performance, before anyone else could approach her some the wrong reasons, he went to her and asked her to come with him so that he could adopt him and provide her education.

Ajeet Singh back then was just 18 years old and despite of being just a college student, he decided to adopt 3 girls and bear all their expenses. Though the society and his family members were strictly against his decision to do so, he didn’t back away.

He started an organization called Guria in 1993 to battle against all the sex traffickers across the country and he has been incredibly successful over the years. Ajeet prepared himself to take on the racket. He got a few hidden cameras in his pen, shirt button, watch, etc and started to pose as a customer, only to track the locations of red light areas and the number of minor girls there.

Once he had done the mapping, he collected a large number of volunteers and raided the Shivdaspur red light area of Varanasi. They managed to rescue 15 girls in one day. He has managed to save over 1,000 girls across the country via his foundation Guria and is still going strong against these false practices.

“Even the police did not do anything and we thought it was time to bring this issue out in the open,” he says. This indeed is a spectacular effort from Mr Ajeet Singh to rescue all these innocent girls from being victims of some brutality. He truly is a hero and inspiration for many.


Anuraag Peesara
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