HRD leader asks a valid question to those who are attacking Sonu Nigam

Hindu Kranti Dal (HKD) national leader Shiva Yadav has opened up a new controversy once again. He has jumped in favour of Sonu Nigam who is much talked on the internet after a series of tweets against noisy sound  of mosques he faces very early in the morning. As Sonu has asked that he is not  Muslim then why he is forced to wake up every early morning by loudspeakers at mosques.


Shiva Yadav has apparently asked a valid question as to why Nigam is being targeted by secular groups of the country. The same groups were backing Amir Khan when he made comments against the country. If Amir Khan has freedom of expression that he can call India ‘an intolerant country’, and why not Sonu Nigam has the same freedom of expression?


“If Amir khan and his wife can say that India is so intolerant that they should leave the nation and settle in some other country and our intellectuals termed his statement “freedom of expression”, then why not Sonu has the same freedom to express his feeling,” said Shiva Yadav


Mr Yadav is the same Hindu leader  who took on the Islamic cleric who had offered 10 lakh rupees for each head of Yadavas.