Watch: How Heroically This Man Saved Another Person’s Life

To pull up the courage to save a person’s life is one of the most difficult things to implicate in this world. Its even more difficult to save one person’s life keeping your life on the line and we see such instances quite rarely.

Take a look at this video, where a person is walking with head phones on his head, completely oblivious to a fact that he is on a railway track and a train might be coming behind him.

After a couple of minutes, when a train really came close, a person walking by came heroically to save this dumb person, who despite of so many lessons taught by many incidents, has preferred to walk on the streets with his head phones on.

Time and again this is something our elders have been telling us, to not let these technological tools and gadgets be the reason behind our death. Despite of that, here’s this person who foolishly walks through on the railway track.

If it had not been for the bravery of the other person to run a good 25-30 meters and push him to the other side, his family would have lost him for his foolishness.

Take a look at this video and lets appreciate the guts of that person in orange shirt, who came and rescued the other person’s life, risking his own future.

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