A Youngster Tweeted “Modi Works For Me”, Modi Gave An Unbelievable Reply

Bharatiya Janta Party’s swashbuckling victory in Uttar Pradesh was testimonial to a fact that the Narendra Modi hurricane is here to stay for some more time and definitely, these are worrying times for all the opposition members, especially Indian National Congress.

Picture Source: The Indian Express

But what could have been the reason for BJP’s jaw dropping victory at Uttar Pradesh and the other two states? There’s only one answer for this question, Narendra Modi. Modi campaigned vigorously in Uttar Pradesh, precisely he visited 141 constituencies in Uttar Pradesh and out of those 141, BJP managed to emerge victorious in 102 of them.

In his speech post those massive victories, Modi has promised the country and its citizens that he will work hard day and night to build a “New India” by 2022. He also said that he wants India to be a country where poor gets more opportunities than charity, so that they can do something by themselves.

In the midst of all these sequence of events, Modi spent time to reply to a witty little young man, who claimed something really hyperbolic. A Twitter handler by the name Ajeeth Singh, tweeted saying “One of my follower casually asked me: Do you work for @narendramodi? I smiled and said: No dear, he works for me..#IAmNewIndia.”

Well, Wasn’t that really funny? Come on man! How can you say that the Prime Minister of this country works for you? Well that might be the precise definition of a politician to work for the people but it makes no sense to randomly claiming that “Modiji works for me”.
We can have a variety of opinions on this aspect, but something unexpected happened just 8 hours after this man named Ajeet Singh’s tweet was posted.

Narendra Modi himself took time to reply and his reply really would have pleased many Indians across the country, especially the ones who have voted for BJP time and again. Modiji’s tweet read “Absolutely. Happy to be the Pradhan Sevak for each and every Indian.”

Well, Modiji hardly fails to mesmerize us. Let it be with his ability to take some tough calls like demonetization or such witty little mouth shutting replies to all those who troll him, he never takes a backward step. Well, we really hope that Modiji materializes his plans and makes India a much more better place to live.

Anuraag Peesara
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